Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What's the stage that a wine label; or for example a label on spirits and beer? Obviously, the first a reaction to that question is: to meet the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) regulations. Once that is accomplished, the label space remaining may be used for branding Kizoop and marketing copy. The fact is, there is very little space on bottle labels to get creative with messages. Now Technology is helping solve the limited space on labels by way of RFID (radio frequency identification/ID) Technology. Tap a mobile phone on a NFC (Near Field Communications) tag embedded on a bottle and see what arises on your mobile phone; assuming there is currently a tag on the label. Depending on a winery's budget and the number of smartphones one the market empowered with RFID tag readers (newer smartphones one the market have built-in reader capability), wine, beer and spirits producers can communicate directly with the consumer while they are standing in front o

The value of Technology in Teaching Young children

Are young children well suited to the use of Technology? Modern technologies are very powerful because they rely on one of the most powerful innate biases we do have : the preference for creatively presented information. The human brain has a tremendous disposition for creatively presented information. Television, movies, videos, and most computer programs are very creatively driven and therefore daily magazine news attract as well as the attention of young children. When young children sit in front of television all day, they fail to develop other ideas. But the technologies that benefit young children the greatest are those that are interactive and let the child to develop their curiosity, problem fixing and independent thinking skills. Technology plays a key role in all areas of American life which will only increase in the future. As Technology has become more easy to use, use of it by children has simultaneously Exetal increased. Early childhood educators have a res